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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fantasies vs Reality (don't fault me)

Since last I was with you I spent 7 days at Disney World with my hub. Our 35th anniversary is just months away and we wanted to do something special.
Considering our options I thought Disney was as close to having fun as we were going to get.

Our first choice was a "Sandals" resort. But I knew such a place wasn't for "us".
These are the things I would do in the Caribbean or in Jamaica; sail, scuba diving lessons, golf, nude sun bathing, walk, sit and sleep for hours on the sand and in the surf. Night time would be great food, dancing, drinks, reggae bars, karaoke, good sex....
Add a lot of fishing and some para sailing for the perfect get-away for a couple in love, celebrating 35 great years. NOT!!!
I would be sailing, diving, sun bathing, hours in the surf, dancing, drinking, listening to good music & para sailing ALONE.
Together we would fish, eat great food and have good sex. But those are the same things we did on our last 2 vacations and I was trying to expand our itinerary.
I'm not complaining! Fishing, food and sex rate 1,2 &3 (not necessarily in that order ;) in my list of favorite things.

"We" aren't Sandals kind of people for the same reasons "we" aren't cruise people. So I went for something where anyone should be able to find fun. NOT!!!
I was, as always, in love with everything! The architecture, the landscaping, the shows, the golf courses, the rides, the pool....everything!!!
My husband isn't easily impressed but he did say the food was great.

Don't fault me my fantasies until you walk the narrow path I tread....

(fantasy island)

"You've Got A Friend" carole king
(fantasy friend)

Somehow marriage and friendship didn't come as a package deal for me. But happiness is a choice and I have much to be thankful for.
Take care, elle

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