It All Began

DANCE while you can...."I will not stand to the side and allow the MUSIC in
my HEART to fadeaway and die.
I will DANCE to my own LIFE SONG."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Just string me up... please :).

This is me back in April at the deer lease. I was resting after catching and cleaning a string of fish. I love the outdoors.
It was a good weekend :).
I got to sunbathe and gypsy dance in the nude, ride the 4 wheeler (dressed :) and fish to my hearts content.

It's been a beautiful week here on the gulf coast. The weather is perfect. Normally I would take full advantage of it and live outside on my big porch, take my pole and find some fish, get some sun at the park....
but it's not been normal these past 10 days or so. I don't feel the 'this hurts so bad I just want to die' depression of a few days ago but neither do I have any motivation or desire to do anything. I'm in the 'I'm exhausted, my head hurts, I don't give a shit' part of depression. I never know how long it's going to last but I always feel like I'm loosing. I'm in bed, getting older, not living. Just like I was a year ago and the year before that.

I don't know what to say except "it is what it is" and it sucketh BIG time.
Later, elle

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