It All Began

DANCE while you can...."I will not stand to the side and allow the MUSIC in
my HEART to fadeaway and die.
I will DANCE to my own LIFE SONG."

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today Is...... Tomorrow????

The last post "No Butterfly Here" was written yesterday but I had 18 kinds of hell getting it posted. It was based on a letter I wrote last Friday following an extremely bad night Thursday.  

Friday was bad. Saturday was good. Go figure.

Saturday I forced myself out of bed at the crack of dawn (literally) and went fishing with my husband and our oldest son. The sunrise over the water was gorgeous, the clouds were amazing, the water was divine. I caught 3 speckled trouts and had so much fun!! After a well deserved shower and nap, I cooked an amazing meal. Then we went to see a movie!!!                                                                                                  

I did more in one day than I will be able to manage this entire week!

Sunday was tense and that night world war 3 broke out.
Yesterday I was moody and last night I was the perfect love.

Today I was down but now I am up.


I don't have a clue. It is out of my control. I stay in bed for days, won't talk, won't return calls, want my life to end. Then the wind changes and so do I.

Just thought you should know. 

Don't have anything else major to share so let's do some music!!!

"tusk"fleetwood mac

Gotta love this one!! Great music and a flashback to the hippie in my heart who never got her chance to shine!!!

We were in Austin, TX recently and I was ready to park my trailer, put on a long skirt, a straw hat and find me some weed.

Is it a wonder my husband is in a tizzy and my son asked me a few months back, "what are you rebelling against?" I couldn't answer him then. But now I know that when a caged animal is loosed it just wants to run!!!!

A year and a half ago my cage door got left open. I stepped out and looked around and was in awe. When I was told to get back in that cage I was angry. I wanted to say, "GO TO HELL!" And I did in my own little way. Then I got slapped around a little by life and started to understand that if I wanted change it wasn't going to come without a cost. I just didn't realize how high a cost.

I continue to ask, "Tell me where? Where is it written what it is I'm meant to be, that I can't dare to taste the fruit of every possibility?"

I'm just looking for a little fun in a life where the rules are stiff and change is evil and the cage is locked up tight.

"Soak Up The Sun" Sheryl Crow

"I'm gonna tell everyone to lighten up."

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